About bākt by Ingrid

Ingrid Vaicius Owner + Founder bakt by Ingrid
I was the girl who made the brownies for bake sales in high school and would happily bake birthday cakes for all my friends. At first, baking was my creative outlet and a way to release stress. Later, it became the place where I played around with traditional recipes and made them healthier and adaptable for people with allergies, food sensitivities or those who simply wanted a more nourishing treat. I never imagined this hobby would turn into something bigger.

In 2016, I made a career change and launched my own health coaching practice, Healthy. Happy. Balanced. YOU. As my practice grew, I realized that there were few baked goods in the market for people looking for healthier & delicious treats made with wholesome & simple ingredients.

I always tell my clients, “It's not about depriving yourself or cutting out whole food groups, it’s about finding the #betteralternative.” Time after time they come back to me saying there are no options or what’s available is just not that good. It became clear that there was a need for wholesome, delicious and nourishing baked goods.

Two years later bākt by Ingrid was born.

Our mission is to show you that healthy IS delicious & that simple ingredients make the best tasting food.

We use the highest quality & organic ingredients to make the most amazing cookies that happen to be vegan, gluten free, grain free & refined sugar free.

Join the movement and switch over to #thebetteralternative